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February 2009
 Sunday, February 08, 2009Join Discussion  (0 Comments)
Cool Stop Motion Video with Humans

When I was a kid, I made stop motion films. I made them with barbies, and star wars characters and scale models. I also made them with humans, which was my favorite.

I ran across this one on the internet today. I love it and it inspired me to make another one someday or at least find my old 8mm film and find a way to encode it to youtube so you can see.

 Sunday, February 08, 2009Join Discussion  (0 Comments)
Kindle Kraze

It is all over the news. Amazon, living in a time/ space continuum that is different from most technology companies is going to upgrade the Kindle.

I started looking at the Kindle last year as a possible ebook reader, but I didn't get one because of the price and the overwhelming human interface. I don't want a laptop replacement I want to read a book.

So I sit with excitement to see tomorrow if they corrected this. Twice the speed, 1/2 the price, less features. We shall see.

Amazon also illustrates something that Apple stumbled upon and has been able to leverage into a successful model.

It's not about the hardware and software anymore - it's about the consumer experience to add more. iTunes Music Store paved the way for the iPhone Apps Store. And Amazon has been able to leverage their own store for the Kindle to keep buying new books easy.

What I really want is this.

Plastic Reader

The Plastic Reader.
Watch the video.

It's amazing because of the technology, flexibility and size. I want to replace paper. This looks like the closest thing to it.

 Tuesday, February 03, 2009Join Discussion  (0 Comments)
People Dreaming of iPhone 3.0? What about 1.1?

Lots and lots of chatter going on about iPhone upgrades and cool new features.

But before we get too excited I'm hoping that Apple will take care of some fundamentals.

1. Select and copy and paste

Select is often left out of the chant for Copy and Paste. But I need to be able to tap tap text to start my selection and tap to end it with a pop up to confirm what to do next if something is on the 'clipboard' or not. I may just want to delete pages of email before I forward it. - Apple here is a hint, do not use memory for the clipboard, write it out to a text file for now. Yes you screamers want objects, but lets baby step here.

2. delete all sms messages

I have over 700 SMS messages. I have to find the time to tap tap several times for each message to delete it. No Way. I want a delete all. Poof. Gone. Start over.

3. Printing

I'm standing here, looking at a webpage or a photo or a map. How the heck do I print it? I'd like to save any screen in to a print queue for easy retreival that doesn't require me to reload the page from the web. I'd like to send anything to a printer in my office. Especially if I have a Airport Shared Wireless printer.

4. Unlimited Apps with a New Desktop UI.

The other day I wasted an hour trying to figure out why an App that was sent to me would not load. It would not sync. It gave no error. I then realized that I had maxed out on the panes with apps. I had actually more apps downloaded but would not sync and with no error message. I want unlimited apps. But...

We must change the multipane desktop as the primary way to navigate apps.

Let me create app categories. Favorites. Work. Play. Kids. Cool. Look later. Web pages. Financial. News. What ever. Let me control these from the iPhone but let me set them up and manage it from the iTunes. I can work alot faster on teh computer, Dragging and dropping, hiding and showing which apps go where.

5. iChat

Say no more. Apples amazing chat client is missing. I have many different solutions to use depending on who I wan to chat with.

6. Sending and Receiving MMS

People (mostly my kids) send me videos they create with their $20 phones and I can't look at them on my $299 iPhone.

7. Video record mode

I want to record videos. Watch them and Share them.

8. Turn by Turn GPS

As a developer we are not allowed to do this. OK, then Apple, you have to do it. Just do it.

9. SMS archiving.

I have lots and lots of SMS. I want to use my cool Delete All function. But I'd like to archive the messages to email. Archive it all into one email, once a week or month and purge.

10. Sideways Texting.

This one is for my daughter. She doesn't want an iPhone. She is more comfortable texting in the horizontal two hands, two thumbs model.

One Last Thing!

I'd like to buy hardware that can plug into the base of it and extend it's use. I don't just want to plug it into a car. I want to plug it into a little plug like Nike did years ago with the iPod that adds some powerful connection.

ok, One last thing. Let me control all 547 radios in this thing, from one place. How many taps does it take to turn on and off diffrerent radios? Ridiculous.

 Sunday, February 01, 2009Join Discussion  (2 Comments)
How far we have come since 1981

Watch this short clip of a Bay Area news piece on a new thing called reading the newspaper on your computer.

It's amazing how far we have come in such a short period of time.

Highlights of the video.

1. Tandy is the personal computer most seen on screen.
2. A few thousand people in the bay area own a personal computer.
3. $5 an hour connection fee.
4. 2 hours to download all the text.
5. An old guy is the computer user they show with the caption "owns personal computer"

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