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May 2006
 Sunday, May 28, 2006Join Discussion  (0 Comments)
It's Memorial Day Weekend... I have time to catch up and reflect.

Memorial Day.

What have we done to Memorial Day?
It used to be a day of remembrance.
It used to be a national day of mourning.
Now its a 3 day weekend that serves as a bookend to Summer.

Check out The history channels special page on Memorial Day. http://www.historychannel.com/exhibits/memorial/index.jsp?page=home

Help restore the traditional day of observance for Memorial Day. http://www.usmemorialday.org/act.html

Oracle Exec compares software development to building bridges.

It makes a cute, shocking, funny story but it's full of crap.
Building a bridge is not Building Software.
Here is why.

1. Bridges are made to last 100 years at least. Software is made to solve a problem. In the old days (20 years ago) we had the stupid notion that programmers would write and maintain what we now call legacy code, usually in cobol. But the personal computer revolution changed that. In my 20+ years of professional software development I've had to learn at least 10 new languages. I will say though that the stuff I wrote 10+ years ago is still in production.

2. Bridges are physical. They do not have magazines subscribed to by millions of antics that talk about their experience driving on a bridge, using a bridge, how they would have changed the design of the bridge.

3. Clients build software, they do not build bridges. Government build bridges. One company doesn't own 95% of our bridges nor do they have tolls everytime we use them.

4. It takes years to build a bridge. Clients give us days, weeks or months to build software.

5. Government regulations, Certified Engineers, architects and workers, Union employees are used to build bridges. Anyone can write software. anyone.

6. Software development is rarely about doing it exactly the same way over and over again. Bridge builders weld the same proven way with the same tools and same process year after year. There is no room for creativity. Software people like to make change it up every single time. they play, they experiment, they implement something new they just read.

See, it's government oversight and control that make bridges not like software. I hope Oracle is not proposing the same oversight of software development.

That being said, we both currently share renewed respect and awareness to security. We have homeland security procedures for key bridges (think san Francisco) and key internet connections.

We know that we have sleeper cells inside that pose as ready to go threats for both our solutions.

The dissing of our rapid develop, deploy, fix, redeploy mentality that now is the norm for software is humorous. We now develop faster then we ever have. Our solutions do more then they ever have. Clients expect us to constantly keep software up to date. We are measured by our speed, our accuracy and our cost.

We are not building bridges. It takes too long, costs too much and takes more skill then we software developers have.

Indy racers powered by Ethanol.

Cool. We really need to do one thing as the human race. Reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. It's the key to world peace. Renewable Energy is the way to go. I think we are finally starting to get it. More on this soon.

Microsoft to buy ebay?

No way. It's a rumor. But remember the last one of Dell buying AlienWare? That came true. What would that mean if Microsoft bought eBay? Well eBay bought Kurant which got them StoreSense. eBay renamed it ProStores. We at Project A use StoreSense/ProStores exlusively for our ecommerce solutions. (not 100% true, we have been quietly writing our own lite version of the product for the last several months). Since eBay bought Kurant the product hasn't gone anywhere special. What will it mean if Microsoft buys it? I think they will kill it and try to convert them all to eCommerce Server. I'm watching this one close. it's going to be interesting.

Netflix to Launch Web Downloads later this year.


Riding on the success of Apple's iTunes Music Store TV programs for sale with no commericals, and the networks free streams of TV shows with commercials, netflix is about to do the next thing, which will help it keep alive. I hope Tivo is watching. Tivo has hardware that is not a desktop computer and it could be used to order movies on demand for a very low rental fee. It could do it today technically, but the studios hold the strings on this. Watch for more on this. I expect movie theatres to have to change 100% to survive.

Tivo will be held hostage by Netflix. Maybe Netflix can buy Tivo? cool.

Apple and Education

After announcing selling off PowerSchool to Pearson which sent ripples of shock through out the industry, because schools had yet another reason to feel like Apple is shifting away from a core value by selling off the school software, there are rumors afloat that a new computer for schools is coming out. What could it be?

my 2 cents on the powerschool thing. They paid $60 million for powerschool which is a 4D product. they paid too much and got too little. Schools that went powerschool did not go mac. so it didn't do anything for them.

who made out. the stockholders of powerschool.

I'm working up my thoughts on this and hope to publish soon. Basically Filemaker pro will become the student management system for 90% of the schools in the country. Apple owns filemaker. they couldn't own the competitor.

Here's my own rumor

Apple will also come out with a Suite - like Apple Works but most likely called Mac Works - (they will rename iWork to Mac Work Pro), it will have compatibility with office, include a spreadsheet, word processor and keynote lite and it will be included with every education mac.

Apple will also buy Adobe, so that it can stop being held hostage by them on the Intel Pro platform for photoshop based designers.

Biota Spring Water comes in a Biodegradable Bottle.

WOW! How cool is this. Watch the video. I haven't bought any yet but I will soon. I'm curious about the claim and will do my own experiment. This kind of innovation will change the world for the better. I'm all for it. It's very cool.

video note. the site was not developed very well and you have to manually resize to see the entire video. the time-lapse of the bottle disintegrating is on the far right. scroll or resize to see.


 Tuesday, May 16, 2006Join Discussion  (0 Comments)
Dell has $10,000 Gaming Pc

Dell XPS $10K computer

Once again, I'm just a bit ahead of my time.

 A few months ago, I told Paul that I wanted to come out with a $10K computer.  He looked at me like Spock looked at Kirk on many occasions. I could see what he was thinking, "What are you crazy, no wait, don't answer that, of course you are, no one wants a 10 thousand dollar computer, computers are commodities."

So here I am minding my own business today and low and behold I stumble upon an article about Dell's $10,000 gaming computer.

See, I'm crazy like a fox.

I'm still going to do it. Computer's Handcrafted by Jim. Coming soon... Save your money.

 Tuesday, May 16, 2006Join Discussion  (0 Comments)
Yes I want one. Bad.

Mac Book Black
Apple today announced the MacBook
A 13" laptop that replaces ibook and powerbook 12" in one fell swoop.
With much anticipation, this machine over delivers.
Apple will see a bucket load of these.

  • Black. Deep Glossy, match your Nano Black baby! (yes there is a white one too)
  • Intel Core DUO!  - This is SPECing out at 5.X faster then my PBG4.
  • Apple Boot Camp - I can get one and run Windows while at work.
  • Built in iSight Camera and microphone - in the bezel. no more worry about carrying the camera and connecting it. It's always there. Now that I IM all day, this is huge.
  • iLife '06 with iWeb - this is amazing software that comes with every new mac. This software and the OS are worth $500 at least. But you can buy them retail for about $200.
  • Glossy Widescreen 13" - A neat thing that Sony and others have put on their laptops which gives them an immediate wow edge over Apple, but my concern is glare. It looks awesome. But It's hyperreflective and may cause glare issues. I'll wait to see how bright it gets to compensate.
  • Built in 54 Mbps Wireless, Bluetooth 2.0, Gig Ethernet
  • Slot loading SuperDrive - Double Layer Support with plus and minus support.
  • Two USB 2.0 ports and one Firewire 400 port.
  • MagSafe Power
  • $1099 to $1499

This is not a low end laptop.

What is different from my 12"
  • 1" - the MacBook is 13"
  • 5 ounces - My 12" is lighter. But I carry a bulky iSight Camera. Wow, did I just call that bulky?
  • No built in Modem - my 12" has one. I've never used it.
  • Resolution - It supports native 1280x800 , my 12" is 1024x768 native.
  • Two finger tap scroll trackpad

What makes me nervous.

1. It's new. How long till the first rev to correct the issues.
2. screen reflection and scratches
3. Size. It's bigger. Just a bit, but still, it's bigger.

 Wednesday, May 10, 2006Join Discussion  (0 Comments)
Quinn playing hockey


 Monday, May 01, 2006Join Discussion  (0 Comments)
Apple launches funny new commericals.

Click here to watch them all.

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